Below you will find our favorite projects!  We enjoy playing and sharing a wide variety of styles of music – from Bach to bluegrass, traditional hymns to modern worship songs, Spanish-style guitar music, show tunes to pop favorites, and even some of our own original compositions.  All music reflects creativity, and creativity comes from God – so we play it all for the glory of God, with thanks to Him for the abilities He gives us.


You can purchase our CDs online wherever you buy music – CD BabyiTunes, Amazon mp3, and more!  You can take a listen below.  And as always, thank you for your encouragement and support!


Introducing The Pic & Bow

Our best and greatest Introductory CD!  This album contains a wide variety of styles, including Pic and Bow original compositions, worship songs, and pop favorites.

Track list:

  1. The Adventurer
  2. October 4
  3. How Beautiful
  4. All the Things You Are
  5. Beauty and the Beast
  6. There is a Fountain
  7. Canon in D/All in All
  8. Hallelujah (Gospel version)


Christmas with The Pic & Bow

Our best and greatest Christmas CD ever!  (O.k., so it’s the only Christmas CD we’ve done . . . so far!)  Once again, we have included a wide variety of styles – from carols to popular Christmas favorites, and even an original song.

Track list:

  1. Carol of the Bells
  2. The Christmas Song
  3. Hark the Harold Angels Sing
  4. Rockin’ Jingle Bells
  5. Jesu-Gesu
  6. O Holy Night
  7. Angels Sing Gloria
  8. Christmastime is Here
  9. Silent Night
  10. Under Angels’ Wings
  11. Hallelujah (Gospel version)
  12. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Bonus)


A Divergent Offering

We are so excited to offer this CD that reflects a lot of what we share in our church concerts!  This is a recording of Pic and Bow originals and our own worship arrangements.

Track list:

  1. Adagio
  2. Your Grace is Enough
  3. In Christ Alone
  4. Southwest Rush
  5. Meditation in the Garden
  6. August
  7. Beautiful Name Medley
  8. Country Church Medley
  9. I Believe in the Old Rugged Cross
  10. The River