Below you will find our favorite projects!  We enjoy playing and sharing a wide variety of styles of music – from Bach to bluegrass, traditional hymns to modern worship songs, Spanish-style guitar music, show tunes to pop favorites, and even some of our own original compositions.  All music reflects creativity, and creativity comes from God – so we play it all for the glory of God, with thanks to Him for the abilities He gives us.


You can purchase our CDs online wherever you buy music – CD BabyiTunes, Amazon mp3, and more!  You can take a listen below.  And as always, thank you for your encouragement and support!


Introducing The Pic & Bow

Our best and greatest Introductory CD!  This album contains a wide variety of styles, including Pic and Bow original compositions, worship songs, and pop favorites.

Track list:

  1. The Adventurer
  2. October 4
  3. How Beautiful
  4. All the Things You Are
  5. Beauty and the Beast
  6. There is a Fountain
  7. Canon in D/All in All
  8. Hallelujah (Gospel version)


Christmas with The Pic & Bow

Our best and greatest Christmas CD ever!  (O.k., so it’s the only Christmas CD we’ve done . . . so far!)  Once again, we have included a wide variety of styles – from carols to popular Christmas favorites, and even an original song.

Track list:

  1. Carol of the Bells
  2. The Christmas Song
  3. Hark the Harold Angels Sing
  4. Rockin’ Jingle Bells
  5. Jesu-Gesu
  6. O Holy Night
  7. Angels Sing Gloria
  8. Christmastime is Here
  9. Silent Night
  10. Under Angels’ Wings
  11. Hallelujah (Gospel version)
  12. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Bonus)


A Divergent Offering

We are so excited to offer this CD that reflects a lot of what we share in our church concerts!  This is a recording of Pic and Bow originals and our own worship arrangements.

Track list:

  1. Adagio
  2. Your Grace is Enough
  3. In Christ Alone
  4. Southwest Rush
  5. Meditation in the Garden
  6. August
  7. Beautiful Name Medley
  8. Country Church Medley
  9. I Believe in the Old Rugged Cross
  10. The River


Never in a Million Years

This is a fun collection of some of our favorite music from all types of genres.  From classical to country, Spanish-style, folk, pop, and more!

Track list:

  1. 3 Chords
  2. 1-2-3
  3. Oye Como Va
  4. Preludio from Partita in E Major (J.S. Bach)
  5. Fandango Espanol
  6. Orange Blossom
  7. Don’t Freak Out
  8. Dust in the Wind
  9. Fly Me to the Moon
  10. Good Vibrations
  11. Your Song
  12. Hang On
  13. Stand By Me
  14. La Bamba
  15. Jesus is Just Alright
  16. Don’t Freak Out, pt. 2
  17. Stairway to Heaven